I don’t know about you but I get almost giddy with excitement when I find a product that really works for me. Here are 10 products that are gettin’ my love right now.

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Why I love the Ninja Fit

A local restaurant has a kale tonic that I absolutely CRAVE! I was determined to find a blender that could help me make my own at home and the Ninja Fit is PERFECT. Here’s my take on the Kale Tonic

  • juice of 1 lime
  • 5 cucumber slices
  • 1/3 peeled apple, chopped
  • handful of chopped kale
  • water to fill line
  • agave syrup to sweeten

PS – It also makes a fantastic blended margarita, just saying.


Why I love E6000 Adhesive

I use this glue for absolutely EVERYTHING!

A leather strap on a shoe

to fix broken jewelry

a broken ceramic piece

broken lamp parts

wood, metal, plastic…

The only downside – it kind of melts spray paint so if you spray paint a surface and then use this  – your paint color will bleed.



Why I love Mary Ellen's Best Press

I’ve been using Mary Ellen’s Best Press for about 6 years and I can’t imagine ironing and quilting without it.

Let’s face it – NOBODY likes ironing, right? So anything that makes it easier and faster gets a big thumbs up from me. Also, this stuff smells wonderful!! They have a Lavender scent, Carribean Beach, Linen Fresh, Rose Garden and Scent Free.

Need to freshen up the guest room? just spritz and iron the pillow cases with this stuff… AWESOME!



Why I love Magic Stainless Steel Cleaner

I have a love-hate relationship with my stainless steel appliances. I love the look. I HATE the maintenance. I drape my dish towel over the handle of my dishwasher and over time, some seriously funky markings developed making a mottled mess of the stainless steel. I tried EVERYTHING, including all the Pinterest home remedies. Nothing worked. I googled “top-rated stainless steel cleaner” and Magic was rated #1 on several sites. So I bought it. OH MY GOSH! Where have you been all my stainless steel life?! This product works like a charm; especially using the Repurposed T-Shirt Cloth. Yep, a match made in heaven.


Why I love the Rubbermaid Reveal Jet Spray Mop

Since we’re talking about cleaning, let’s discuss the dreaded chore of mopping. I can vacuum all day long but I HATE to mop. For one, it’s really hard work… like it should count as a full-on trip to the gym. Secondly, my spray bottle of cleaner is ALWAYS on the other side of the section I just mopped. When I broke my current mop, I was determined to find a product that was a little more user-friendly. Enter the Rubbermaid REVEAL. If it is possible to love a mop, I love you Reveal Jet Mop. The mop head is wide enough to not flip on you. You can easily fill the jet container with any cleaner AND you can throw the pad into the washing machine. It almost makes mopping enjoyable; ALMOST.

Why I love Jack Ruby Elderflower Tonic

After all that ironing and mopping, I think it’s pretty safe to say you might need an adult beverage. My husband is a fan of the classic Gin & Tonic. It always smells so refreshing so I ask for a sip… and I promptly regret it. I finally figured out that it isn’t the gin I don’t like but the bitter taste of quinine in the tonic. If you have ever made the gin & tonic pucker-face, you owe it to yourself to try this recipe

2 oz gin (Citadel is my fav)

.5 oz JR Elderflower Tonic

.5 oz St. Germain Liqueur

Ice & Club Soda to fill glass

 It’s refreshing, sweet and botanical; the perfect sipping cocktail on a warm day.

Why I love gnat nix

If you read my post about Terrariums, you know that I am at war with the little fungus gnats that have taken up residence in my house plant soil. I’ve been desperate to control these pesty creatures but haven’t had a whole lot of success.

My current weapons of Gnat Destruction are two products; Systemic Houseplant Insect Control added to the top 2″ of potting soil, then about 3/4″ of Gnat Nix covering the soil. The gnat nix looks like fine white gravel so aesthetically, it’s not bad. After one week, I’m thrilled to report the gnasty gnats are gno more! My fingers are crossed that this solution will continue to work.

Why I love Cotton + Steel Fabric

Last week I was on a mission to find fabric for a future blog project. I was spoiled in Portland with half a dozen fantastic local fabric shops. It was seriously dangerous! Sadly, Arizona has been a little more limited in the fabric store arena; mostly box hobby stores. That was until I discovered, Modern Quilting. Modern Quilting is an awesome, bright shop that carries many of my favorite fabric lines, like Cotton + Steel.  I  love the creative process that happens at Cotton + Steel and their fabric lines are always so fun. It was hard to choose just one but I settled on a darling fabric from their Flower Shop line for my project.  I think it’s purrfect (hint hint).


Why I love Silhouette Heat Transfer Material

We’re on a crafty roll now so let’s talk about this next product, the Silhouette Heat Transfer Material.  This stuff rocks! Simply put. Using this material and a Silhouette personal cutting machine, you can make your own design and iron it on to any kind of fabric; denim, canvas, cotton… whatever, as long as the fabric will tolerate the medium-high setting on your iron. There are a ridiculous amount of colors and textures and the material is not overly thick so it doesn’t weigh down tees or lighter fabrics. I’ll be posting my latest iron-on design in the near future and who knows, I might even give one away. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)*


Why I love Alexia Hashed Browns

Potato Waffles with sour cream
Potato Waffle Recipe

Well, I promised you last week that I wouldn’t forget the Potato Waffle recipe so here it is!!

OF COURSE, you can’t make them without my last favorite product; Alexia Hashed Browns. They have the best flavor and texture out of all the frozen hashed browns I’ve tried so they are my go-to potato for these waffles. Make sure to serve them up with a little dollop of sour cream and chives. SO YUMMY!


‘Think Outside Leave THE BOX behind’ Iron On

Do you have a favorite product that really rocks your boat? *Share it in the comment section below and your name will be put in a drawing to win my new  ‘Think Outside’ iron on – the perfect addition to your own tee or tote.

Thanks and have a fantastic weekend.



  1. Maria | 24th Aug 17

    Joelle, thank you so much for all this info! Its wonderful having someone else doing my homework and sharing all these tips!
    One of my favorites, is “Janie Dry Stick Cleaner” for oil/grease spot on clothes.
    I use it all the time on my silk blouses and it works so very well. It does not leave a residue and the garment will not need to be laundered. Just brush of the chalky powdered the spot is gone.

    • JoElle | 29th Aug 17

      Thanks for your input Maria. I often get a little pop of grease on my clothes when I’m cooking on the stove and it NEVER comes out. I will give the Janie Dry Stick Cleaner a try for sure. I’ll put your name in the drawing for the Iron-On.

  2. Maria | 24th Aug 17

    Joelle, thank you so much for all this info! Its wonderful having someone else doing my homework and sharing all these tips!

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