3 Steps to Beautiful Tea Light Candle Holders

Hello lovelies! I’ve got a fun, easy and affordable project today that will bring an extra special glow to holiday table settings. These beautiful tea light candle holders are so easy to whip up and they take on whatever color your candles are. They are perfect for any decor from rustic to modern and so affordable; you can make half a dozen of these beauties for under $20 bucks!

Woohoo! Easy. Cheap. Adaptable. Now we’re talkin’.

Other than the tea light candles and a paint brush you only need four products to make these candle holders. I purchased all the supplies at my local Hobby Lobby.

The glass jars with cork stopper come in 3 sizes: 2.75″ (55mL), just over 4″ (90mL) and 6″ tall. The diameters are all the same and a tea light fits perfectly inside.

The Aleene’s Clear Tacky Glue worked PERFECTLY. It spreads well with a nice paint brush and the brush marks tend to disappear as it dries. You may need to use your finger to smooth out a drip now and then. Just watch it for about 15-20 minutes, smoothing them out as you notice them.

I used the medium sized Glitter in silver because I thought it’s diameter (1/24) was good compared to the scale of the glass containers. You can opt for fine or chunky glitter too. I think the ‘crystal’ or the ‘disco’ colors would also work for this project.

This vase filler worked great as it is clear, small in size, and reflects the candle’s color nicely. At $6.99 for the bag, it was the most expensive item on the supply list but you could easily do a dozen or more of these candle holders with one bag. (HINT: use your 40% off coupon on this item).

You will also need a plate or bowl to catch the excess glitter and a .50″ to .75″ wide paint brush. Oh, and some tea light candles of course.


STEP ONE: Squirt some clear tacky glue on the bottom half (outside) of the glass jar. Spread it evenly with the paint brush,making sure to go all the way to the bottom edge. I did a ‘wavy’ top so that the glitter would come up higher in sections.

Glittered Candle Holder DIY


STEP TWO: Sprinkle glitter over the glue. I did mine heavy towards the bottom and a little more sparse towards the top to let more candle light shine through. About 10 minutes after applying the glitter, roll the glass container on a hard surface to make sure the glitter is thoroughly adhered. Wash the glue off your paint brush. Smooth out any drips with your finger. When completely dry, gently brush off any excess glitter and apply a thin coat of glue over the glitter. Let dry (again, smoothing out any drips with your finger).

Glittering the candle holders


STEP 3: Fill the jars to various heights with the clear vase filler. Place your tea light in the jar. Light and stand back to admire. Super easy and BEA-U-TI-FUL!


DIY Glittered Candle Holders Set


DIY Glittered Candle Holders



What I LOVE about these candle holders is their ability to take on whatever color your tea lights are. I used lavender tea lights and the purple color reflects beautifully off the silver glitter. So versatile and pretty.

I hope you enjoy this project. These candle holders will certainly add a fabulously festive glow to your holiday tables. 


  1. Tania | 17th Nov 17

    Those are so pretty JoElle! Dang, I was just at Hobby Lobby today, I wish I had seen these before I went!


    • JoElle | 24th Nov 17

      Thanks Tania. I think they put them on sale often – I got mine for 50% off. Woohoo!

  2. Maria Conti | 17th Nov 17

    Beautiful❤️ Thank you so much for all these wonderful projects 🤗

    • JoElle | 24th Nov 17

      My pleasure. I love coming up with new stuff and love it even more when y’all enjoy the projects.

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