Happening In The Present

Sometimes the world seems to tilt just enough to make me slide. Time goes quickly and I get thrown off course; away from the important things like family, friends and living a simple life. That was the case this past month. We traveled to Portland and Tennessee, my husband also to Boston. We hosted a cocktail party at our home. I sold a car and bought a car. There were water heater issues and drywall repairs. None of it was bad; in fact it all came from living a very blessed life, but it slurped up my attention like a vacuum and made it difficult to keep up with the REAL parts of my life.

Today I cut off the garment tags to a new fall top. I wasn’t familiar with the brand, H.I.P., but it was super cute and very soft. I was about to toss the tag in the garbage when I flipped it over and read what H.I.P stood for:

H.I.P clothing tag


Wow! Talk about seeing the right thing at the right time. What an ideal way to live a life…not 100% possible (in my opinion), but worth being more conscience of. I spend so much time planning for the future, worrying about the past and getting wrapped up in the details of the maybe’s or the what-if’s. It truly is the way I am wired and I could argue that this trait helps me to do things well. BUT, I need to find balance. I need to remember to refocus myself in between all the craziness. With that in mind, today I am calling my mom, working in my craft room, sitting outside to soak up some fresh air and getting refocused. I know the holidays are just around the corner and my world will probably tilt again but today will be happening in the present.

Are there times you feel this way? What do you do to get refocused? Do you think it’s possible to always live your life ‘Happening In The Present’? I’d love to hear from you.



  1. Vikki | 14th Nov 17

    The first step taken–you realized you needed to refocus. (And…your Mom loves it when you call.)

    • JoElle | 17th Nov 17

      It’s a bit of a juggling act…trying to keep on top of everything while remembering the important things in life. I think it is probably similar to herding 4 dozen bunnies! Thanks for the support and the comments.

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